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5 Top rated Crawl Stats Insights in Google Lookup Console

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There is 1 report in Google Lookup Console that’s both of those insanely helpful and rather hard to find, specially if you are just starting off your Search engine optimisation journey.

It’s a person of the most highly effective equipment for just about every Web optimization expert, even however you just can’t even entry it from inside Google Look for Console’s major interface.

I’m talking about the Crawl stats report.

In this post, you’ll learn why this report is so critical, how to entry it, and how to use it for Seo advantage.

How Is Your Web-site Crawled?

Crawl price range (the selection of web pages Googlebot can and would like to crawl) is vital for Seo, primarily for significant sites.

If you have troubles with your website’s crawl funds, Google may possibly not index some of your beneficial pages.

And as the saying goes, if Google did not index some thing, then it doesn’t exist.

Google Lookup Console can demonstrate you how quite a few webpages on your web page are frequented by Googlebot each and every day.


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Armed with this expertise, you can obtain anomalies that may well be triggering your Website positioning concerns.

Diving Into Your Crawl Stats: 5 Essential Insights

To accessibility your Crawl stats report, log in to your Google Search Console account and navigate to Configurations > Crawl stats.

Right here are all of the information dimensions you can inspect within the Crawl stats report:

1. Host

Think about you have an ecommerce store on shop.site.com and a website on web site.internet site.com.

Utilizing the Crawl stats report, you can very easily see the crawl stats linked to each and every subdomain of your internet site.

However, this strategy doesn’t currently do the job with subfolders.

2. HTTP Position

One other use case for the Crawl stats report is seeking at the standing codes of crawled URLs.

Which is for the reason that you do not want Googlebot to shell out sources crawling webpages that are not HTTP 200 Alright. It’s a squander of your crawl spending budget.

To see the breakdown of the crawled URLs for every position code, go to Options > Crawl Stats > Crawl requests breakdown.

In this certain case, 16{888a2f61c345d2e855d0f46d172f155075abed3efdb13b6aef551f16df00e7f6} of all requests have been built for redirected web pages.


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If you see studies like these, I advocate more investigating and hunting for redirect hops and other prospective problems.

In my impression, a person of the worst situations you can see here is a significant quantity of 5xx mistakes.

To quote Google’s documentation: “If the web site slows down or responds with server problems, the limit goes down and Googlebot crawls less.”

If you are intrigued in this subject matter, Roger Montti wrote a specific write-up on 5xx errors in Google Look for Console.

3. Function

The Crawl stats report breaks down the crawling reason into two categories:

  • URLs crawled for Refresh purposes (a recrawl of previously acknowledged pages, e.g., Googlebot is going to your homepage to find new inbound links and information).
  • URLs crawled for Discovery functions (URLs that ended up crawled for the to start with time).

This breakdown is insanely valuable, and here’s an illustration:

I recently encountered a web site with ~1 million internet pages labeled as “Discovered – at this time not indexed.”

This problem was noted for 90{888a2f61c345d2e855d0f46d172f155075abed3efdb13b6aef551f16df00e7f6} of all the web pages on that site.

(If you are not familiar with it, “Discovered but not index” implies that Google learned a given site but didn’t pay a visit to it. If you uncovered a new restaurant in your city but didn’t give it a test, for example.)

A person of the alternatives was to wait around, hoping for Google to index these webpages progressively.

One more option was to search at the data and diagnose the problem.

So I logged in to Google Look for Console and navigated to Options > Crawl Stats > Crawl Requests: HTML.

It turned out that, on common, Google was going to only 7460 web pages on that internet site per working day.

A chart showing an ecommerce website's crawl statistics.

But here’s anything even far more significant.


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Many thanks to the Crawl stats report, I discovered out that only 35{888a2f61c345d2e855d0f46d172f155075abed3efdb13b6aef551f16df00e7f6} of these 7460 URLs ended up crawled for discovery factors.

Google Search Console's Crawl stats reporting showing a breakdown of crawl purpose.

That’s just 2611 new internet pages identified by Google for every day.

2611 out of over a million.

It would get 382 times for Google to thoroughly index the total website at that tempo.

Acquiring this out was a gamechanger. All other research optimizations were postponed as we totally centered on crawl finances optimization.


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4. File Form

GSC Crawl stats can be practical for JavaScript internet sites. You can quickly test how regularly Googlebot crawls JS documents that are expected for correct rendering.

If your internet site is packed with illustrations or photos and graphic research is very important for your Search engine marketing system, this report will help a lot as properly – you can see how effectively Googlebot can crawl your photographs.

5. Googlebot Sort

Finally, the Crawl stats report offers you a detailed breakdown of the Googlebot style employed to crawl your web site.

You can come across out the share of requests manufactured by possibly Mobile or Desktop Googlebot and Impression, Online video, and Advertisements bots.

Other Valuable Information and facts

It is well worth noting that the Crawl stats report has priceless info that you won’t locate in your server logs:

  1. DNS errors.
  2. Web site timeouts.
  3. Host problems this kind of as complications fetching the robots.txt file.

Applying Crawl Stats in the URL Inspection Instrument

You can also obtain some granular crawl information outdoors of the Crawl stats report, in the URL Inspection Instrument.


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I a short while ago worked with a large ecommerce internet site and, right after some original analyses, noticed two pressing troubles:

  1. Quite a few item internet pages weren’t indexed in Google.
  2. There was no inner linking concerning items. The only way for Google to uncover new articles was by means of sitemaps and paginated class webpages.

A normal up coming stage was to obtain server logs and check if Google experienced crawled the paginated classification pages.

But receiving access to server logs is typically truly difficult, primarily when you’re operating with a large organization.

Google Lookup Console’s Crawl stats report arrived to the rescue.

Allow me manual you by means of the procedure I made use of and that you can use if you are struggling with a equivalent problem:

1. 1st, seem up a URL in the URL Inspection Resource. I selected one particular of the paginated pages from 1 of the major classes of the web page.

2. Then, navigate to the Protection > Crawl report.

Google Search Console's URL Inspection Tool allows you to look up a given URL's last crawled date..

In this scenario, the URL was previous crawled a few months back.


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Preserve in head that this was a single of the main group web pages of the website that hadn’t been crawled for around three months!

I went further and checked a sample of other group internet pages.

It turned out that Googlebot in no way frequented numerous principal class web pages. Quite a few of them are continue to unidentified to Google.

I really don’t assume I want to clarify how important it is to have that information when you are working on bettering any website’s visibility.

The Crawl stats report lets you to appear factors like this up inside of minutes.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the Crawl stats report is a impressive Seo software even however you could use Google Lookup Console for a long time without having at any time acquiring it.

It will enable you diagnose indexing challenges and improve your crawl funds so that Google can obtain and index your worthwhile information quickly, which is notably significant for large web pages.

I gave you a pair of use circumstances to think of, but now the ball is in your court docket.


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How will you use this facts to strengthen your site’s visibility?

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