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Getting Started With Guni Free SMS for Businesses

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Free SMS

Have you ever left your phone at home and felt as if you were missing a limb? Cell phones reside in our back pockets, purses, and on our desks, all of which are just an arm’s length away. Because of our continual closeness and attention to our mobile devices, short messaging service (SMS), often known as text messages, is very potent for companies.

SMS has a 98 percent open rate, making it an excellent channel for capturing clients’ quick attention. However, SMS is not a communication channel that should be abused. SMS must be used wisely to gain your consumers’ confidence and efficiently connect with them because of the intimate bond they have with their phones (aka extra limb).

We’ll show you methods to get started sending Free SMS for your company, followed by a few SMS sending guidelines to ensure your success.

What is the best way for companies to utilize SMS?

Businesses may use SMS to develop better communication channels with their consumers, from alerts and order notifications to promotional campaigns.

SMS business applications:

  • Order confirmations
  • tracking notifications
  • sign-on alerts

Promotional text messages are also an effective way of informing customers about future promotions or discounts. However, it’s critical to make it apparent to clients right away that they’re signing up to receive marketing SMS. Because SMS is so personal, a commercial text message might seem like an invasion of privacy if you haven’t established those expectations.

Let’s look at the many ways firms may utilize SMS:

  • Password resets, 
  • account logins, 
  • account verification 
  • alert alerts.

Order/tracking notifications: Retailers typically utilize order confirmations and shipment updates to let consumers know when their delivery will arrive at their front door.

Appointment reminders: Hair salons, doctor’s offices, and restaurants all utilise SMS to ensure that customers come on time for their appointment/reservation.

Text message marketing: Promotional SMS messages may be quite successful for major sales or capturing the attention of your VIP clients.

Omnichannel campaigns: Incorporate SMS into broader marketing initiatives to reach clients via the channels they choose.

Guni SMS Sending Instructions

Before committing to an SMS service, try it out and see whether you enjoy the platform. Guni provides a free trial so you may get acquainted with the platform and try its many possibilities. 

Guni provides a free business phone number.

By choosing “Acquire a Trial Number,” you may get a free Guni phone number after signing up for a free trial and verifying your contact details. Guni will suggest a free number for testing your apps.

If you want to buy a phone number, go to the menu and choose Phone Numbers from the Super Network. You may search phone numbers in this section by area code, the words you want inside the number, and the number’s capabilities (like SMS, MMS, and Voice).

When you sign up for SMS, you may be requested to provide your phone number in E.164 format. This simply implies that the number should be formatted with a +, country code, and the 10-digit number, including the area code. 

Quick Deploy allows you to send SMS messages in less than 5 minutes.

SMS may be straightforward to set up (even if you don’t have a programming background).

Rapid Deploy is the tool for you if you need a quick way to get SMS up and running. Quick Deploy features a number of SMS-related applications that, after entering a few pieces of information (such as the phone number you created above), are ready to send messages to your contacts in minutes.

Guni provides the following Quick Deploy SMS applications as examples:

  • Browser-Based SMS Notifications
  • In Google Sheets, keep track of incoming text messages.
  • SMS Forwarding to Several Numbers
  • Auto-response SMS

Guni Studio may be used to create SMS processes.

If you’re searching for a more sophisticated SMS messaging service, Guni is the way to go. Guni Service is a visual application builder that enables you to create communication processes by dragging and dropping components.

Guni’s SMS APIs are available for free.

To set up SMS for your company, you may use Guni’s Programmable Messaging API or the Conversations API. Guni’s Programmable Message API enables you to send alerts, notifications, and reminders, whilst the Conversations API allows you to deliver 2-way messaging conversations to your clients.

Guni’s SMS APIs are our main product, with worldwide reach, remarkable scalability, and a solution that can be customized to meet the requirements of any organization. It does need code expertise to implement, so ask your developer for assistance if this is the path you want to go.

How to Text Your Clients

You have all you need to communicate with your consumers. You must now expand your contact list and create SMS marketing campaigns or set up alerts and notifications that will capture your clients’ attention.

Getting in touch with people

Customers must opt-in to receive text messages and have the ability to opt-out at any moment before any messages may be delivered to them. Businesses may comply with message rules such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association standards by requiring clients to subscribe to SMS and always giving an opt-out option (CTIA).

But, more crucially, companies develop trust with their consumers and subscribers from the start, building a connection.

Consider employing short codes instead of a 10-digit phone number if you are sending to a huge list of contacts (who have opted in to receive your messages). Short codes are carrier-approved numbers that enable for large volume transmission with quick delivery.

Texting business messages

When it comes to actually crafting your message, knowing the text message rules of the road is beneficial.

Define the goal. Consider the goal of your communication and get to it as soon as feasible. With SMS character constraints, you don’t have room to squander on lengthy introductions.

Create a clear call to action. Every SMS should elicit some type of response, whether it’s a click on a shipment update or additional information about an offer. Include a CTA with a link where the recipient may learn more.

Keep it brief and to the point. Text messages are often restricted to 160 characters. While many carriers allow you to break lengthier texts into many messages, Text Messaging essays are not recommended while messaging friends or customers.

If you’re stuck for ideas, utilize our SMS templates as a starting point for your text messages. Everything is included, from alert and order texts to marketing text messages.

SMS Scheduling: Frequency Isn’t Your Friend

When it comes to text messaging for companies, especially marketing initiatives, don’t go overboard. We have the statistics to illustrate that less is more.

According to our 2020 Global Messaging Report, receivers all around the globe prefer to receive SMS messages once a week, or even once a month. While customers in the United States join up for an increasing number of SMS marketing messages, they rapidly unsubscribe owing to the high frequency of messages received.

Use SMS marketing to supplement your bigger marketing efforts, but make sure it’s not your only route of communication. SMS marketing works effectively in conjunction with social media and email marketing. Here are several examples:

Are you ready to send SMS?

There are several approaches to SMS transmission using Guni. There is a solution for small enterprises to big organizations, ranging from Quick Deploy applications to Guni Service etc.

When it comes to delivering SMS, remember to prioritise your clients and their demands. You’ll be well on your way to SMS success if you prioritise the customer’s contact choices and customise your messages with them.

Still not sure what the best option is for you and your company? Speak with a Guni specialist to determine the best match for your requirements. Otherwise, sign up for Guni’s free trial to start delivering SMS for free. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.