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Gruff Rhys – ‘Seeking New Gods’ review: SFA frontman returns to his pop roots on album amount 7

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It’s wonderful to feel that, if we at any time achieve 2023, it will be 30 decades since the Super Furry Animals 1st fashioned in Cardiff. Through that time, eccentric frontman Gruff Rhys has continually crafted a entire body of do the job both equally good and bonkers, be it with the Tremendous Furries, his electro facet outfit Neon Neon or as a result of his impressive solo career, which now finds him on album amount 7.

Loosely based mostly on the heritage and mythology bordering an East Asian volcano known as Mount Paektu, ‘Seeking New Gods’ finds Gruff delving back into his pop roots – and none extra so than on the piano-plinking the latest solitary ‘Loan Your Loneliness’. Backed by cosmic synths and ex-Flaming Lips percussionist Kliph Scurlock’s stomping drumbeat, this jaunty observe is effortlessly the closest factor to the Tremendous Furries that the frontman has manufactured in decades the tune sits correctly together with the likes of early 2000s classics ‘Golden Retriever’ and ‘Rings Close to The World’.

Then there’s the hilariously titled ‘Hiking In Lightning’, a driving pop number you could quickly visualize soundtracking a cartoon online video with the fuzzy haired frontman at the fore, comically aspect-stepping lightning bolts like Inspector Gadget.

‘Mausoleum Of My Previous Self’, meanwhile, is a grandiose opener awash with mild piano keys and squawking trumpets as Gruff murmurs: “A crater for the good or the superior, cigarette smoking away as it shoooould”. Comforting single ‘Can’t Have On’ would feel heartbreaking from its gloomy lyrical information by itself, as the frontman cries: “Just cannot have on can you carry have carry on? Cannot have on – can you carry the load?”. Fortunately, Lisa Jên and Mirain Haf Roberts of option people team 9Bach deliver angelic harmonies that bring an air of calmness and a perception of hope. All the things, you sense, will be alright in the end.

Elsewhere, closing ballad ‘Distant Snowy Peaks’ paints a glacial terrain similar to that depicted in the movie for ‘Can’t Have On’, only this time Gruff is no more time clinging on to snow flaked mountains instead, they are slipping additional and further from his grasp in the distant skyline.

In ‘Seeking New Gods’, Gruff Rhys has still once again crafted a different pop gem of an album. And although we hopelessly yearn for another Super Furries record in the not-too-distant upcoming (it’s been 12 several years because the breathtaking ‘Dark Days/Light Years’), their eccentric frontman proceeds to thrash out an remarkable legacy of his personal.


Release date: May well 21

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